About Us

IMG_0786Haven’t been to the MSP Music Expo? Then you’ve missed:

  • 49 shows over ten years…
  • sold-out dealers’ rooms…
  • over 9000 attendees…
  • Def Repplica…
  • the world’s worst album covers…
  • pop music critic Jon Bream and his Led Zeppelin book…
  • DJ Freddy Fresh….
  • Aultimate Ozzy…
  • autographed guitars (Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones, Van Halen)…
  • classic Beatles photos…
  • rare Prince items…
  • thousands of picture-sleeved 45s…
  • Sherwin Linton in concert…
  • over a ton of food (literally!) donated to Minnesota Food Share…
  • and tens of thousands of music collectibles, including tons of music not found on the Internet or in record stores!

Whether you’re looking for $1 specials or rare memorabilia, the MSP Music Expo is the place to be!

We’ve just celebrated our 10th Anniversary, and are roaring ahead into the next decade with a more responsive website where you’ll soon find lots of rare and exciting music and video to listen and watch.

Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: I’ve never been to a music collectors’ show. How would you describe it?
A: Imagine walking into a small, independent music store. Multiply this by several times. This is like walking into a music store mall.

Q: How many dealers do you have at a typical Expo?
A: This depends on the time of the year, but most Expos have 2 dozen-plus dealers, with over 45 tables full of records, CDs and music memorabilia.

Q: What sort of items will I find for sale at the MSP Music Expo?
A: You will find LPs, 45s, some 78s, concert posters and CDs.

Q: What types of music will I find for sale at the MSP Music Expo?
A: The show features rock, blues, jazz, country, 80s music, soul/northern soul and more.

Q: I’m interested in selling my record collection and/or becoming a dealer at the MSP Music Expo. How do I go about it?
A: Please contact us to get started. If you’re interested in being a dealer at the Expo, we require all first-time dealers to pre-pay for their table rental. We will send you a confirmation letter prior to the show letting you know what time you can set up your table, where to load in, etc.

Q: Do you offer early admission?
A: Yes. Early admission typically is available after 8:30 a.m. for $10/person.


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